The Truth About Swaddling

   Most Mums-to-be or new Mums have all heard the word "swaddle". To a person who hasn't heard of this word, a quick Google search will provide you with "Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping infants in blankets or similar cloths so that movement of the limbs is tightly restricted." Now that's all good and well if your baby lies flat like a pancake, doesn't move, doesn't cry and is happy for you to maneuver it's limbs around like a yoga instructor.
   9 times out of 10 when I attempted to swaddle my little one, the swaddle was too small and the material had no give whatsoever, leaving my poor "swaddled" baby with half her body poking out and legs kicking faster than an Irish dancer. Wrapping using a blanket that is too small, is like trying to wrap a whole watermelon, with a tissue.....not going to happen. So once I invested in a swaddle that was soft, had some give and was double the size of previous swaddles, the whole wrapping baby for sleep gig became soooo much easier.
   When looking for products for my store, I wanted to make sure they were aesthetically pleasing, practical and something that I would be proud to sell. The swaddles I produce are 100% cotton (so ridiculously soft and not scratchy like muslin cloth), they measure 120cm x 120cm (most measure 90cm x 90cm) and lastly they are the coolest patterns (you won't find them in any stores).
So in a nutshell if you have the right swaddle, it's really worth it to give your bub the best opportunity for an uninterrupted sleep. Now that my little one no longer requires wrapping, I still use the swaddle as a blanket, or sometimes she even uses it as a comforter to cuddle at sleep time. So all in all, a Swaddle seems to be a great multi purpose thing to have for your little bundle of joy.